David Lambauer

Software Engineer, focused on Magento 2 and Cloud Infrastructure with AWS

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Hi, hello, gude and welcome!
This is me, David. I am a Software Developer, focused on eCommerce Applications. I am used to work with several Cloud Provider like AWS or Digital Ocean.
My day to day tech stack contains the following buzzwords; AWS, terraform, PHP, Magento 2, nginx, helm, k8s, shell/bash, SQL, Prometheus, Grafana, PromQl.

Some classic "news" Check my current work

Speaker at Meet Magento 2018
David Lambauer | 08 April
I am happy to "announce" that I'll be a speaker at Meet Magento 2018 in Leipzig. My talk will be about running Magento 2 in the Cloud with AWS and terraform. Already excited to be the second time in Leipzig!
Meet Magento DE
Magento 2 with terraform on AWS
Magento 2 with terraform on AWS
David Lambauer | 24 March
I've been working on a terraform setup for Magento 2 in AWS since a while. The first version does contain the basics. Feel free to follow the project and enjoy the progress....
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Magento 2 Awesome List
Magento 2 Awesome List
David Lambauer | 7 December
I am maintaining the Magento 2 Awesome List. This list collects all resources that are proven to be great in their quality and maintainability. Feel free to contribute to this list.
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